Dear Friends - I am sad to tell you that our beloved Joann died at 2:10 AM today. I am so grateful to the VNA Hospice and Cape Cod Hospital for ensuring Joann’s comfort and for allowing me to be with her during the last hours and moments of her precious life. I know Joann would want me to thank her FaceBook family for all the support, encouragement and love that you gave to her (and me) during her end of life journey. It meant so much to both of us. A Memorial Service to celebrate Joann’s life will be held at a later date when it is safe to do so. Love, Ruth
Nooo!! I'm so sorry.
Oh, Ruth, my heart goes out to you. I am so very sorry that you have lost your dear Joann. She was such a bright, intelligent, caring and wonderful human being and friend to do many people. We shall all truly miss her.
Ruth Ostenson - I’m so deeply sorry for your loss. Joann Eldridge will be greatly missed by many, especially those of us in the Digital Art community who had the privilege to know her and to see her creativity at work. You are in my heart & prayers. 
I am so very sorry to hear this. She is one of the reasons I became an ELA teacher. 

Ruth, I am so very, very sorry. Joann was one of the brightest, talented people we have ever met. We are glad that you were able to be with her and that she was kept comfortable during her last hours. It is still never easy to lose a loved one under… 
Heartbreaking sending love to you Ruth. Joann will be missed. So thankful to have had the opportunity to know her, enjoy her photography, experience her intellect, and her wit! 
Joann will always be remembered for her great laugh, her intelligence and her commitment to justice. She leaves us with wonderful memories but a huge hole in all our hearts.
She was one of the finest teachers I ever worked with.
Love to you, love to Joann. Love to all.
Ruthie, I am heartbroken to hear this news. Joann was so special. My heart goes out to you. I’m glad you were with her through all of this terrible disease.
Oh. I am so sorry to hear this. Decades ago I taught with Joann @ Doherty Memorial High School . We’d lost track of each other for a long time, until I spotted one of her comments on Deena Madnick’s timeline, and then reconnected. We’d both also been involved in the Worcester County Poetry Association back in the 70s. Reconnecting with her, I discovered our shared interest in photography and enjoyed seeing her work and seeing her comments about mine. Finding out she hadn’t seen my memoir exploring my childhood and youth, growing up in Worcester, and learning she was undergoing treatment for cancer I’d sent her a copy of the book, hoping she’d find in it something to preoccupy her during waiting room time. She was so gracious in her comments about it to me and to others.
I am so sorry for your loss, Ruth. It’s a loss for many. 
Joann was one of my best ever laugh out loud, roll our eyeballs together friends. I will miss her deeply.
Your many friends in Key West are so saddened to hear this news. Please know we are thinking of you.
Words are inadequate at a time like this. I am so sorry for your loss.
So Sad and Sorry..
I'm so sorry 
Ruth, words are sparse, heart is so heavy, hugs all around you. I’m so grateful you were with Joann as her life passed thru the veil from here. We are here...
So very sorry for your loss.
I'm so terribly sorry for your loss. You gave her the gift of being with her at the end. May she rest in peace.
sad... sorry for your profound loss - and know you were there for her throughout this time of her life through her passing.
I'm so sorry for your loss. Deepest sympathies
Ruth I am so sorry for your loss, and although I never met her, I was so appreciative of her generosity, sharing her photography with us, I learned so much from her. For years we were all part of a wonderful Photo community that posted daily. … I will always remember her bravery this year.
Joann was one of a, outspoken, and loaded with talent, humor, and energy. In the last year, she fought hard to see each new day with remarkable courage and candor. Ruth, her champion and support, you are in my thoughts and heart.
I am so sorry to hear this Ruth! My heart goes out to you. I know Joann was very special, a gift to us all. We are better for knowing her. I know I will miss her spirit.
I only knew Joann for a very short time. We meant at a Rad Drew photography workshop/tour the summer of 2017. While only knowing each other for three short days we became friends. She was kind and brave. I hope her passing was as peaceful as possible. … She will be missed.
So sorry for your loss. May angels be by your side.
Words cannot explain the pain that I am feeling right now,
Sorry for your loss. Sending thoughts & prayers.
Oh Ruth, so sorry to hear this ... Our Deepest Condolences ... Joann was a wonderful woman, and you were two of the Lucky Ones ! Please let us know if there is anything we can do ( seriously).
So sorry to hear of your loss. The world will miss her wit and beautiful photography. May her memory be a blessing to you always. condolences.
so very sorry, sending love and prayers 
Oh Ruth this is such sad news. We're thinking of you. We love you both and send our heartfelt love and support. We'll definitely be there for the memorial. Love to you.
Ruth, so very sorry to hear. We had just sent an email. It is heartbreaking. Sending you our love and prayers.
Oh Ruth, I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Please take comfort in knowing that she is at peace. We've all lost a friend and a wonderful soul, none more so than you. Please know that you can lean on any of us to help you get through this difficult time.
Ruth...We are so sorry to read this about Joann....just know that we are thinking about you....Prayers and Hugs!!! XO R&D
So sorry for your loss, Ruth. Joann was a wonderful photographer and I will miss her beautiful art here on FB and at CCVFs. May she Rest In Peace.
My best wishes for you Ruth, Joann helped me when I needed some help and I will remember her for her kindness.
Ruth, I am truly sorry to hear of JoAnn’s passing. My deepest sympathies.
Ruth!! I am sorry for your loss. I am comforted to know that you were there and loved her until the last minute. Joann was a friend, a colleague and a mentor. She welcomed as a fellow teacher when I was so young. She supported my growth and always treated me with love and respect. She taught me so much!! But I will miss her humor most!
Joann and I met on photography workshops to Fonthill Castle and the later to Cuba. We hit it off from the get go! Her acerbic wit, love of literature, outspoken view of politics, and no-nonsense approach to life all attracted me and we enjoyed each other. On one memorable trip to Cuba Joann became ill and spent a week in a Cuban hospital. I’m sure it was a frightening experience, especially since she didn’t speak the language, but Joann met it with resilience and a sense of adventure, and her unique brand of humor. We enjoyed meeting with friends on the Cape over the years. I will miss here.
Ruth, best to you during this heartbreaking time. 
I am so sorry to hear Ruth. She was so very kind to me and patient with helping me with my photography 
So sad to hear of Joann’s passing our sincere condolences to family and friends our thoughts and prayers are with all during this sad time. Her presence will be truly missed. 
Oh Ruth, I am so very very sorry. Sending thoughts and prayers
So sorry Ruth. May she Rest In Peace.
Very sad news-a serious loss-RIP...
I am so glad you could be with her to the end. I met Joann when she came to the first digital art meeting. I feel I learned as much from her as she learned from me and she developed into a prizewinning digital artist. The real prize was knowing her — with her great humour, wonderful ideas, and friendship. She was a real mentor to me and I miss her already. Ruth, please know that you are in my thoughts.
Ruth I know you are devastated. As we all are. Thank you for introducing her to me so many years ago. It was my pleasure. I will miss her posts. Always so upbeat. No matter what. Hugs.
Ruth, such a long, hard road... peace and blessings sent your way, and my Joann's soul rest in peace. May the comfort of your precious memories with Joann come around to lift you up. I am so very sorry.
So much love to you. She was such a special soul.
I feel honored to have known Joann 
Generosity of heart, spirit, encouragement and ideas; Joann had a combination of all that knew no bounds. My memories are many ... but even better than the many times we went out together at the crack of dawn to chase photographs, was the loyal and steady friendship we had and that she continued with me after we moved. She has been a daily touchstone for me, a special bit of time in the day, if only to say, what’s the weather like today? ...her availability and willingness to ‘work it around’, whatever ‘it’ happened to be at the time was consistent. Ruth, I am very very glad to know that you were able to be with Joann, knowing that is a comfort for all of us. My heart is with you.
So sad to hear this Ruth. I only met her in the last year but She was a genuine passionate human being. Be well.
While I did not know Joann in person, I came to know her through her photography and ShutterCal. It was always my hope that I’d be able to meet her in person but life had different plans. I praise her strength and willingness to share her journey. May she now Rest In Peace and out of pain and May your memories bring you comfort in your grief, Ruth.
Dear Ruth, I am sorry to hear about Joann’s passing. She fought a brave fight against insurmountable odds, and you were with her every step of the way. It is so painful to loose the one you love. My heart aches for you.
I'm so sorry, Ruth.
I’m so sad to hear about Joann. She was an incredible caring woman with a wonderful sense of humor. I always kept a tiny piece of her in my heart. So sorry for you Ruth.
Sending love and positive energy for you at this time of transition 
You have been through so much. I am so sorry. Lots of love to you. Cheryl XXX
Love you, Ruth Ostenson.
I’m so very sorry. All my love.
Oh, Ruth. I am speechless. To say I am sorry for your loss sounds so lame. But, I am. Anything I can do.....just ask.
Ruth, I am so very sorry for your loss. Please accept my love and prayers. She was a wonderful, dynamic, loving, and hilarious woman. The world will miss her. 
much love to you at this time 
Ruth, how sad it is to learn that Joann lost her brave battle with cancer, and my sympathy goes out to you and others who were close to her. She will be missed by many.
Oh, Ruth, I am so sorry for your loss. I know it’s been a long hard journey. My heart goes out to you. Joann was an incredible human being of many talents. She touched so many lives. I always loved hearing her talk about her students and I so admired her photography. She was so gifted and so generous in her support of others. I will always be appreciative of her support of my poetry. May she rest peacefully and may you be comforted by the memories of your wonderful life together. Sending you love and peace.
So sad to learn of Joann ‘s passing. She was such a sensitive and special person. Our paths crossed through our photography interests and she truly encouraged me in our mutual interest in continuing to improve our skills and expand our creativity.  I will sincerely miss our periodic messaging back and forth. I am so sorry for your loss . May she now Rest In Peace.
Oh no!!! I am sorry I will write more. But I am so upset 
i’m so so sorry and saddened to hear this news. and i’m so sorry fir your loss. i’m sending love and prayers skyward and beyond.
Ruthie, I’m so sorry to hear this news. She fought a courageous fight. Hopefully she is at peace now and taking photos with Pat now. Sending love to you. 
Sucked in my breath and lost in the sadness then I exhaled and thought of her effervescent spirit! May it linger with you Ruth!!!
Oh Ruth, sending so much love to you xoxox
I’m so very sorry for your loss, Ruth, but grateful that I was able to teach by her side at Doherty for a few years. Two of my daughters were her students and thought the world of her. What a talented and special person.
So so sorry for your loss Ruth. She was an inspiration to us all and will be missed
I am so very sad to hear about Joann. I always thought she would make it, fighting on and on, because she was so resilient and brave. Now she is no longer in pain, but we will all miss her. She mentored me when I first joined Cape Cod Viewfinders, spending hours and hours at the Chocolate Sparrow to teach me about photo apps and talk about her adventures in Cuba and elsewhere. She was so kind and caring, so smart and upfront. May her memory be a blessing to you, Ruth. 
Sorry for your loss. I will miss her
Ruth there are no words to convey the sadness I feel for you. I hope memories of your love sustain you in the days and weeks to come. Sending love and light.
Ooh noo!! I am so very sorry
It’s heartbreaking. I’m glad you had 38 years together . . . I wish it had been more. Keeping you both in my thoughts.
i am so sorry.
I am so very sorry to hear the news. My sincerest sympathy to you, Ruth.
I am sorry for your great loss, Ruth.
I'm so sorry Ruth, my condolences and prayers are with you.
Ruth, I feel certain that everyone who met Joann was swept up by her wit and her intelligence. As I told her the last time I spoke to her it has been such a great joy for me to watch and support her explore her creativity these last few years. Her kindness to others in the mobile art community there on the Cape is legendary. I’m going to miss her so much and I am so grateful she’s no longer suffering. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. I am so sorry for your loss 
I am so sad, and send my heartfelt condolences to you. She was as wonderful as you thought and will be so missed by me and so many.
Oh Ruthie...a very sad day...
I’m so sorry for this heartbreaking news.
So sorry for your loss Ruth . Our thoughts are with you.
Oh Ruth I’m so sorry we loved Joann and her positive spirit was so inspiring we will miss her and our hearts and thoughts are with you
So sorry for your loss Ruth, she was such a special woman, taught so many of us so much. RIP Joann
Sorry to hear this sad news. Joann Eldridge was a unique and inspiring artist. May your memories together bring you solace and smiles in your grief.
Our sincere condolences Ruth. Joann's struggle was fierce and now her spirit is free of pain. 
Ruth, my heart goes out to you with the passing of Joann. There are so many memories that I reflected on today. I met Joann at Doherty HS, my first teaching job. She taught me so much both in the classroom & about life. I moved to Colorado many years ago & managed over time to reconnect with her & was able to meet you for the first time 5 years ago. I appreciate all the moments we had together since then. She was such a tough brave warrior fighting the cancer. She is now free 
She sounded so brave going through such an ordeal.
Ruth, so very sorry to read about Joann. Sending you strength and love through all of this. Love, Will & Don
I am so sorry to hear this.....thinking of you during this heartbreaking time.........
Prayers for us all and her too
Ruth, today I send you big huge hugs!! Thank you for being there for Joann, for loving her and making her passing possible with love and understanding! You two were an amazing couple, both strong and independent women. You were both always there for each other. My heart goes out to you at this most very difficult time. Joann was so blessed to have you! Nothing I say will make this any easier. Joann was an amazing and beautiful human being, I was very blessed to know her and being friends with her and then you. I am heartbroken as so many of her friends and love ones are. The suddenness of it is devastating and it is now that you need the hugs and love!!
Ruth, I am grieving with you. I will miss her strong spirit! She was so kind to share her end of life struggles.
I'm so sorry Ruth. She was a very special person.
So sorry to hear this thoughts are with you.
So so sorry for your loss.. I met Joann Eldridge on a photography trip. She was so kind and fun to be around. Her talent in mobile photography was an inspiration. She will be missed
Ruth, so very sorry to hear this about Joann...please know you’re in our thoughts and prayers...
Joann demonstrated amazing courage and graciousness on that journey. She was a very brave soul.
No, she certainly gave it her best, sorry to hear this, my heart goes out to you
I'm so sorry.
Ruth I am so very sorry. I had a candle burning for her everyday for months. I never met her but she was so especially nice to me I felt like I knew her for years. Be kind to yourself and take each day one at a time. May she soar with the Angels and may your heart have some rest. 
I'm so sorry, Ruth. I have fond memories of bartending for her 60th birthday. May your fond memories help heal your loss.
I am so sad to see this. Wishing you comfort and peace as you move forward without your lovely Joann.
My heart goes out to you Ruth, Joann was loved by so many and will be forever fondly remembered -sending you love.
So very sorry to hear this. She was such a strong person.
My biggest inspiration in life as a student, an angel has definitely earned her wings today.
It’s a sad day for all of us. Joann Eldridge you are missed.
We miss you, Joann, and have, since you began your difficult journey through cancer. May you find the true peace that you deserve.
She will be missed forever
Ms. Eldridge was the best teacher I ever had - and I include college in this assessment, and as an English major. I learned more from this fabulous high school teacher than I ever did from any professor. I had the privilege of being in her AP English class. We began the year with 23 students, and before the end of the first semester, only six were left, the rest having left to enroll in the “easier” AP course with another teacher.
She challenged me in ways I can never describe, and quite frankly, drove me hard. She was the reason I was the only student in the school to achieve a perfect score on my AP exam. I owed it to her, and what she taught me.
I am truly saddened by this news, as I know my father would have been if he too were still here. They were great cronies in their days together at Doherty, with so much mutual respect. Please give my respects to her family. A truly, truly wonderful woman.
Life is so fragile...I love seeing the photos of Joann...when we first met,.I was afraid of her! Hard to imagine, as she was so easy to love!
A day that began with learning of the loss of a friend when I checked Facebook this morning. I saw the time of her death in the wee hours of the morning, around the same time I’d awakened and was thinking of her. I knew she’d left hospital to go home for hospice and she was on my mind. I remember feeling it was strange to wake so soon after falling asleep, seemingly for no reason. I couldn’t remember a bad dream. Mark hadn’t gotten up and awakened me. My thoughts were only about my friend. R.I.P. Joann Eldridge.
I went to the French patisserie in our neighborhood- Prailine- and bought a dessert to share with Mark, called an Entremet.. she would have loved it! I will miss seeing her photographs on Facebook. We taught together years ago @ Doherty Memorial High School in Worcester and knew each other as members of the Worcester County Poetry Association. Say what you will about social media like Facebook, I am nevertheless grateful that it brought me to reconnect with Joann Eldridge after so many years.
I have done a lot of reflection the last few days about Joann and I'm sorry I didn't get more time together. Both she & Ruth had been so welcoming and kind through the years. The world is a little more empty. 
At some point Joann thought it would be fun to take this chair around (that she had painted red for this purpose) and insert it in some photos. Of course the project needed at least one shot with her in it!
Have always loved Joann’s photography. Seeing the resistance one reminded me of our marches. A very special memory. She will be sorely missed.
I am so happy to see this. So glad all her talents are honored.
Such talent!
A gifted woman, loved much of her work....especially resistance and the Woman in the water.
I will miss her exquisite photography! One very talented woman. 
I first encountered Joann Eldridge in the spring of 2018 at a presentation hosted by the Cape Cod Art Center’s Digital Art Group. The group met twice a month to learn about digital art and share images, feedback, encouragement, and resources with one another.
A year later, I had the privilege of spending time with Joanne during a week-long digital art intensive facilitated by Meri Walker. One of the things Meri taught us was a 3-part methodology for viewing and evaluating digital art: “I see…I feel…I wonder…” It seems a fitting framework for capturing and articulating Joann’s essence and what her friendship meant to me.
I saw, in Joann, a woman of real substance – a gifted artist, a willing mentor, a trusted friend. Among other things, Joann was intelligent, articulate, authentic, generous, creative, and so very humorous. She was someone who really and clearly enjoyed her life. Joann possessed many talents and skills and was not at all shy with them – she shared widely, and inspired and encouraged many. Her passion for photography and digital art was palpable, and something she made tangible on an almost daily basis through her Facebook posts and comments. Joann had a very unique way of seeing things, and was always on the lookout for the next interesting scene to photograph. In fact, I remember her saying, “There’s always an image to be had…”
I felt Joann’s strength of character and conviction most prominently during her cancer treatments when she evidenced tenacity, fortitude, and bravery. The image she created from the multitude of Dana Farber visitor passes she pasted all over the dashboard of her car will forever be a symbol of her resilience, her steadfastness, and her creativity…
I also had the privilege to feel – to witness firsthand – Joann’s vulnerability, her humanity, her humility at the end of her life. It’s a journey we all must take, but one with no roadmap; one that Joann graciously and unabashedly shared with her partner, Ruth, and her friends and Facebook community. Ever-curious, she wanted to know what the process would be like and, ever-mindful, was solicitous of Ruth’s needs and feelings along the way.
As we bid our dear friend a final adieu, I cannot help but wonder what she’s seeing now. Whatever it is, I hope and pray it’s as brilliant – as truly magnificent – to her as she was, and always will be, to us…
Good-bye dear friend,
From one of your best [“suburban housewife”] friends,
Joann Eldridge, one of the founding members of our Digital Art Group, died in the early morning hours last Tuesday. I still can’t wrap my mind around that, even knowing that she was very sick and that at best we would only have her with us for a short time. Joann was taking pictures and even thinking about her entries to “Images of Resilience” to her last days. She was resilience personified.
I met Joann at our first Digital Art event. She was excited about Meri Walker’s talk, and afterwards sought me out to volunteer her help with this organization. She made the trip from Wellfleet to Barnstable for almost every meeting. She always had fresh ideas for how to develop the group and for getting the word out about mobile digital art. She managed the Cape Cod Digital Artists page for the past year, posting all of our members successes.
I loved watching this accomplished photographer develop into an accomplished digital artist as well. In this last year she won national recognition for some of her beautiful digital art images.
Personally, I considered her a friend and a mentor. She helped me learn how to teach and how to delegate, with her keen observation, pithy comments, intelligent ideas, creative solutions, and always warmth and humor. I will miss her, I know we all will.


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